Our Constitution

Our Constitution

The Association of Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft


1. The name of the Association shall be “The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft”. It is hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.


2. The object of the Association shall be the education of the public by promotion, support, assistance and improvement of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”) in co-operation with its management and staff.

3. In furtherance of this object, but not otherwise, the Association may:

(a) raise money and invite and receive contributions to be applied to the Museum’s projects subject to clause 4;

(b) generally further the charitable purposes of the Museum and encourage the development of the facilities which it affords;

(c) appoint delegates and representatives and subscribe to any other bodies with whom the Association may be concerned;

(d) engage in, support and co-ordinate research, publishing, education, advertising and other charitable work for the furtherance of the said object;

(e) engage in any other lawful activities to promote the said object.

4. The Association shall not engage in any substantial permanent trading activities in raising funds for its charitable objects and shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law.


5. There shall be four categories of membership:

(a) Individual

(b) Youth

(c) Family

(d) Group

6. Individual membership shall be open to anyone who has attained the age of eighteen.

7. Youth membership shall be open to anyone under the age of eighteen.

8. Group membership shall be open to any groups who wish to join. Group members shall have two votes at Annual General Meetings.

9. All applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary or other appropriate Officer of the Association. The Committee may at their discretion exclude or remove from membership and person who for any reason is considered by the Committee to be unsuitable to be a member of the Association. Any person so removed from membership shall have the right to appeal to the Committee against such removal and the Committee may in their absolute discretion and without giving their reasons accept or reject such appeal.


11. The Committee shall consist of the following Honorary Officers and other Members:

(a) a Chairperson, who shall be responsible for ensuring that proper minutes of all meetings are kept by the Secretary or any other appropriate person;

(b) a Vice-Chairperson;

(c) a Secretary

(d) a Treasurer

(e) not more than six other members.

[any PAID officer of the Association may be invited to attend meetings and report to the Committee but may not be a Member of the Committee.]

12. Every Member of the Committee and the aforementioned Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to serve for a period of three years. Any Member of the Committee and the aforementioned Officers shall be eligible for re-election, except that the Chairperson shall not serve continuously for more than six years and may not be re-elected as Chairperson until after an interval of three years.

13. Every elected Member of the Committee must be a member of the Association who has attained the age of 18 and for whom the current subscription due has been paid.

14. The Director shall be, ex officio, a voting Member of the Committee, without needing election under Clause 12.

15. The Committee may co-opt not more than five additional persons as Observer Members of the Committee who shall have no vote in the Committee.

16. All Members of the Committee, except Co-opted observer Members, shall have one vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.


17. The Committee shall have the general management and direction of the funds and affairs of the Association, and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) may:

(a) Subscribe to another organisation or body, and nominate any member of the Association to serve as its representative on that organisation or body;

(b) pay the whole or part of reasonable and proper expenses any Member of the Committee in or about the execution of any function or duty on behalf of the Association;

(c) make, and from time to time vary, Rules for the Association which are not inconsistent with this Constitution;

(d) fill casual vacancies in its membership by additional co-options. Any person so co-opted shall retire at the next AGM but shall be eligible for election;

(e) establish an Executive Committee comprised of the Officers and up to two other Members, to manage the day to day business of the Association including routine expenditure. The executive Committee may meet as often as necessary. A quorum shall be three. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Committee fully and promptly as soon as possible provided that the Executive Committee shall not spend any funds of the Association otherwise than in accordance with a budget agreed by the Committee.

18. The Committee may suspend any member who fails to attend four consecutive meetings of the Committee.


19. The rates of annual subscriptions for the different categories of membership of the Association shall be such sums as may be set by vote at the AGM.

20. Annual subscriptions are payable at any time of year and run for twelve calendar months from the date of issue. Members whose subscriptions are not paid by the start of the AGM shall forfeit their right to vote. Members whose subscriptions are twelve months in arrears shall automatically be excluded from membership.


21. All funds and assets in the possession of the Association shall be held, paid out and applied as the Committee may direct in furtherance of the objects of the Association. Pending such direction all funds shall be held in a separate bank account (or accounts) in the name of the Association with such bankers as the Committee may from time to time direct.

22. All cheques drawn on such bankers shall be signed by any two of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer. All documents requiring endorsement shall be sufficiently endorsed if signed by any one of them.

23. The Committee may invest such funds as are not required to be immediately available for meeting the Association’s liabilities. Such investment may be in gilt-edged securities or on deposit with a bank or building society, or in such other investments authorised by law for charities as the Committee may decide after taking appropriate professional advice.

24. An auditor or auditors, who need not be members of the Association, shall be appointed at the AGM provided that such an auditor or auditors shall not be Members of the Committee.


Annual General Meeting:

25. The AGM of the Association, of which not less than 30 day’ notice shall be given to all members by the Secretary, shall be held on a date to be decided by the members at the preceding AGM each year.

26. The business of the AGM shall be:

(a) to receive reports from the Chairperson and Officers;

(b) to receive and approve the annual accounts and to appoint Auditors;

(c) to elect the Officers and other Members of the Committee;

(d) to consider any other business of which due notice has been given in writing to the Secretary not less than ten days before the date of the meeting.

Other General Meetings:

27. The Committee may at any time, and shall within 28 days of receiving a request in writing from any twenty members who have attained the age of 18, convene a Special General Meeting. Not less than 14 days’ notice, specifying the business to be transacted, shall be given by the Secretary to each member.

Committee Meetings:

28. Committee meetings shall be held at least two times each year or more frequently if the Committee deem necessary.


29. A quorum shall consist:

(a) at a General Meeting, 20 of the members who have attained the age of 18;

(b) at a Committee meeting, of one third of the elected Members of the Committee.


30. In the absence of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, those attending shall elect a Chairperson from among their number.

Notice of Meeting:

31. Notices to members shall be deemed sufficiently served if sent by ordinary post, or hand-delivered by an authorised member of the Association to the address of the member registered in the records of the Association.


32. No alteration may be made to this Constitution except by and with the authority of a resolution passed by a majority of members who have attained the age of 18, present and voting at a General Meeting. Any proposal for amendment shall be made in writing and be in the hands of the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the minimum period of the notice of the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward. No alteration may be made to Clauses 2, 3, 4, 32, 33 or 34 without the prior consent in writing of, in England and Wales, the Charity Commission; in Scotland, the Inland Revenue FICO (Scotland); in Northern Ireland, the Charities Branch of the Department of health and Social services.

33. No alteration may be made to this Constitution which would cause the Association to cease to be a charity in law.


34. The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting held in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution. Thereafter the Committee shall pay the surplus funds of the Association to such other charitable institutions as the Committee shall determine after consultation with the Museum and with approval of, in England and Wales, the Charity Commission; in Scotland, the Inland Revenue FICO (Scotland); in Northern Ireland, the Charities Branch of the Department of Health and Social Services.

35. In the event of the Association being wound up, no membership fees will be returned.