The Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is a registered charity that enables the many supporters of the museum to become practically involved in its development.

We have raised money for new projects and conservation equipment, coordinated voluntary work and helped students and researchers access the unique collection of artefacts and books at the museum and its library.

Each year you can meet old and new friends at the Annual General Meeting & Get Together held in Boscastle, Cornwall.

The membership of ‘The Friends’ is renewable annually.

PATRON: Prof. Ronald Hutton

Julian Vayne: Chairperson, Judith Noble: Secretary, Emma Chopping: Membership Secretary,  Nick Miller: Vice-Chair, Jason Karl,  Lizzie Dolfinmoon, Adrienne Frayne, Louise Fenton and Ben Verhaevert.

The Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is a Registered Charity. Official Charity Number 1120014.

The Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is an independent association controlled by its members. It is not owned or administered by The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in any way.


The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall, houses the world’s largest collection of witchcraft-related artefacts and regalia.
This is a unique collection and has a fascinating on-line catalogue. The objects in the collection provide a great way to explore history and many contemporary issues.

Click here to go to the Museum’s website to utilise a valuable learning resource.  Through the selected artefacts featured on their site you can explore:
The History of Witchcraft and Magic, bullying and scapegoating in society, our perceptions of luck, how human psychology is sometimes more powerful than rational thought, empathise with people in the past, criminality and justice, how popular culture affects our view of the past and present. And lots more.