Friends 2018 AGM

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftOn Saturday December 1st we gathered for our Annual General Meeting in Boscastle.
As usual, we had a full itinerary on the day and some great speakers came long to talk to the Friends.

Trustee Jason Karl and Brian Hoggard

*Brian Hoggard talked to us about ‘The Archaeology of Magical House Protection’ and Ben Verhaevert gave us a talk entitled – ‘A Witchcraft Museum Detective Story’, which explored a little known exhibition which Gerald Gardner had offered up magical objects for, in Belgium in the 1950s.

Friends MWM | Museum of Witchcraft
Director Simon Costin and Ben Verhaevert

We are pleased to announce the names of two new Trustees who were elected on the day – Sharon Day and Cavan McLaughlin, both of whom will bring a wealth of expertise to the Friends moving forwards.

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftLater after the main business of the AGM, we took ourselves down to the Museum itself, where they were open for Friends with a ‘Museum By Candlelight’ theme, which added another dimension to this already fascinating museum.

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftEverything looks quite different in the candlelight.

Friends MWM | Museum of Witchcraft It was wonderful to see the new door in situ at last.

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftI bumped into the super talented artist who had completed our beautiful door for the Museum – Paul Atlas – Saunders, who I forced into posing in  front of it!

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftThis really is an exceptional piece of art and functioning door, of course, totally funded by The Friends.

Friends MWM | Museum of WitchcraftThank you all for your continued contributions and support. I’m sure you’ll agree, as we all did , that this is  a piece of art that will long be talked about.

Friends MWM | Museum of Witchcraft
To read more about the artist and the door itself and how it was ‘constructed’ and conceived, you can read more here.
Friends MWM | Museum of Witchcraft
Later, we joined friends old and new in the bar of the ‘Welly’ to round off the proceedings.
Thank you to all those who came along and especially new members who queued up to join on the day.

We are ever grateful for new members and also appreciate those who continue to re-join year upon year. Your support is massively appreciated and we were delighted to hear how much our numbers have grown since last year alone.

Long may this continue!

Meanwhile, the full minutes of the meeting will be up here on the website as soon as they have been written up by the Trustee’s Secretary.

Don’t forget, its not too late to join us here at The Friends and here is a direct link to join from our website. 

I’ll also be posting some more news about membership in the New Year.

Yule Blessings

*To read more about Brian Hoggards work – click here to go to his website





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