Midsummer Celebrations at The Museum – June 23rd 2018

This year, to celebrate Midsummer (June 21st), The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic will be holding a celebration outside the Museum on Saturday June 23rd.

This event is completely free and everyone is welcome.

The Museum will be open all day, with the celebrations taking place in front of the Museum.

This year, our good Friend Victoria Musson, (artist and creator of wonderful things) has constructed the most magnificent God and Goddess effigies which will be decorated and burnt outside the Museum.

However, as a prequel, if you are around on Thursday June 21st and Friday June 22nd, Victoria will be decorating the area outside of the Museum, in preparation for this big event on Saturday.

She will also be creating solar wheels to float in the Harbour and other exciting items to make the day extra special.

Please look at our Facebook page to keep up to speed with everything that’s happening and for timings, you can go to the Museum’s own website too.

To read more about Victoria Musson and what she does, you can go here, to her magical website.

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